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Debt! What are you doing.

Last week on Nightline we had a great conversation about personal debt. As the price of oil continues to sink it is inevitable that we are all going to have to start to exercise a bit of belt tightening. But what if you have not been very good at controlling your spending up to this point? […]

Another Week of Tunes

On a weekly basis I am surprised by the quantity of excellent music that isn’t getting played on the commercial radio stations in Dubai and beyond. So, on a weekly basis, to do my part, to bring great music to the airwaves and add a bit of volume to the artistic talent going un-heard I team […]

Great Driving Tunes!

By day I am a professor and by night radio talk show host, yes I have the life, in your dreams maybe. There is something cool about getting to create professional radio content. Every week we do our Middle East Indie Music Show with the team at Triplew.ME and this week it was a totally self […]

Inspired by Regional Music

I have got to be the luckiest person in the UAE! Every week Paul Kelly joins me in studio from triplew.me and I get to listen to some of the most amazing artists in the region. Here is what happened last night. Here are the show notes. BEDROOM JAM 2012. First part – Red Bull Bedroom […]

And Now Behold the Locus

There is a lot to be said about the local music scene in the UAE. What I love about the people I get to talk to is the inspiration injection. Behold the Locus is a group of working guys who make amazing music on the side. Do what you love and just keep doing it! […]

What do I do?

James’ Journal Sept 22 Every week, time permitting, I use this opportunity to recap what I have been doing in my professional and academic life. This week at Zayed University classes were in full swing and students began to settle into the routine. In my COM315 class, Media Writing 2, we got down to business […]

The end of common sense?

I really do wonder if the world has gone mad? How can we ever hope that people will be able to get along, in a global context, just look at the mess in the newspapers. We have terrorists, pirates, riots, political chaos and much more that all can probably be traced back to the simple […]

Why not a 4 day work week?

So who exactly is responsible for the rule that we need to work 5 days a week? When we get a long weekend the euphoria is clearly felt. So why not make every day a 3 day weekend? I asked this question and THE ONLY people who were against it were business leaders! The fear […]

Who would have thought?

I have seen these in Canada, the famed Inuksuk, but never in the UAE! And yet here we see one in Old Town Dubai in front of the Palace Hotel, very cool. I always find it interesting how ideas cut the cultural barriers.  

Local/regional thinking

It is amazing how often we don’t look around us for ideas, inspiration and talent. Too often if you are from Canada, like me, you might think Canada is the place to look for inspiration. Or you might go to the US or a bit farther, but the reality is that there is a lot […]

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