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Think Like Elon

How do you deal with innovation? How do you deal with issues? Does your thought process work or is it a constant dance with failure? This is an interesting watch.  

How to think about thinking.

One of my favorite resources is the Duarte website and blog. And pretty much every time I read something on the Duarte blog I have a new door opened! This week I was introduced to Dan Roam, how did I miss him is what I am wondering? Dan is all about the thought process. What […]

A Dubai State of Mind

I have lived in Dubai for 11 years and I have seen many changes. There has been exceptional growth and there has been an exceptional reset. But there is no question in my mind that Dubai is a very interesting case study of success. Of course the term success is open to many different definitions. And of […]

We got education wrong!

I really do think we are going about the art of  informing and developing our children on the wrong way. Not that the whole process is broken, but it does need a serious renovation. So where do we start? I think the starting point is a huge issue. We have old school administrators looking at the problem […]

Basis of New Ideas…

John Kolko, author of the new book, Exposing the Magic of Design, has been writing in FastCompany and I think hit on an issues that is not just important to the design world but organizational change in general. In communication, well journalism, we are constantly teaching and being told to think about objectivity! Good advice […]

Education thinking from FastCompany!

As I get ready to return to the classroom I find myself looking around to see what professors are reading as they prepare for the coming term. The sad reality is too many professors prepare for the coming year using the tried and true techniques and resources they became familiar with in grad school. I […]

Ian Gilbert @ TEDxDubai 2009 Re-Imagining Education.

Ian Gilbert Live at TEDxDubai 2009. I had the pleasure of meeting Ian Gilbert about a year ago. I instantly knew that Ian had a story to tell and many people with ear plugs in need to listen and hard! We have a global education crisis today because bureaucrats, CFO’s (chief failure officers), accountants and […]

Branding for Women

For the last few years I have been very interested in how we brand ideas and concepts for the different segments of the population. The mud on the wall method of delivering content, if some sticks it is ok approach, is simply not good enough. Again and again I return to Michele Miller and Wonder […]

Why we fail?

One of our greatest problems today is the silo culture of education. Business schools do not talk to design schools who do not talk to education schools who do not talk to IT schools and nobody is talking to the cooking schools. Well, if the core elements of our education system are not relating to […]