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Tech is what unites the world.

WMC, CES, GITEX there are sure a lot of options to keep yourself up to date on the latest happenings in the world of tech. This may be one of the funnest hours of radio I do. I am pretty fortunate to be able to sit down with Andrew Thomas of Nexa, he may even […]

JadoPado a Conversation with Omar Kassim

If you have been living in Dubai for a while there is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to getting your hands on the latest and greatest technology you have taken a look at www.jadopado.com. But, as with all good things change is inevitable and JadoPado has changed or swivelled as Omar […]

For the love of tech

Coming back to Canada is always a blast. One of the things I love about coming home is the amount of what might be called old tech that is being used. We still have a betamax and laser disc player on top of the rear projection TV. And you  know what, these old school tech […]

It all starts with the beat.

Music it is!   This week I finished off with another interesting look at independent music from the middle east and I have to tell you Apo & The Apostles, love these guys. Why not just go and give the Jukebox Radio Show a listen and you will hear what I am talking about, the […]

The Speed Issue.

We have a problem, actually the problem has never gone away it is just intensifying. What we teach and the world we live in, when we talk technology enablement, is getting further and further apart. How do I know? Correct the research is still being dreamed up! Did you see this. Teenagers are moving away […]

Tech Forward?

One of the greatest challenges faced by old media today is how to translate online/electronic/web offerings into something that is not a simple electronic translation of the often paper of analog intended product. No surprise the journalists, content creators, are not the people to look to. And designers might also be caught in the hype […]

To Mobile Media or NOT Mobile Media

I am a huge advocate of creating and diseminating media to be consumed via a mobile device, a smartphone. But there are problems to be addressed. I am not a BlackBerry fan BUT maybe, just maybe, the PlayBook is the answer to the problems of reading off of a mobile phone screen? The pairing or […]

Cheating re-boot

Technology is seen by many as the game changer in education, but there is a dark side. CHEATING! I read this piece from the Ottawa Citizen. In a recent poll of more than 2,000 students and parents in the U.S., Common Sense found that many teens aren’t clear about what constitutes cheating. Twenty-three percent, for […]

Simplicity Part 2

I love my iPhone 4. I make no apology and I have not used a Nokia or any other smartphone to make any comparison. I love my phone because as a phone it works BUT as a multimedia tool it also works. The big seller for me was SIMPLICITY. This technological tool makes complex tasks […]

Taking a little back

Have you caught wind of PirateBox? What is it? PirateBox is a self-contained mobile collaboration and file sharing device. Simply turn it on to transform any space into a free and open file sharing network. This is pretty cool stuff and turns any space into an interactive learning environment. The “at-you” education model simply does […]

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