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Tech is what unites the world.

WMC, CES, GITEX there are sure a lot of options to keep yourself up to date on the latest happenings in the world of tech. This may be one of the funnest hours of radio I do. I am pretty fortunate to be able to sit down with Andrew Thomas of Nexa, he may even […]

Microsoft BizSpark very interesting

It is always interesting to learn that huge tech companies are not just trying to sell us software or stuff! I recently learned about Microsoft BizSpark and was amazed, why was this new to me? BizSpark isn’t a secret but sure is new to me. Go and check out the website link above because the site […]

A Look a the SONY M5

I had an opportunity to sit down and review the Sony M5, nice phone. Do I love the M5? Look I am caught in the familiarity trap of my Samsung Note 2, I know how can that be. But I do like the features of the phone and the fact that it is dust and […]

My views of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Well, I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for several years now and I am loving it.  I started using a Note when people still thought that 5 1/2 inches of screen was too much to carry. Not to self talk to IMAX people about complaints the screen allows too much to be […]

Introducing Burgers2Binary the podcast!

Andrew Thomas and aI have been doing a show on DubaiEye for a bunch of years now, Techtalk is what it is called. Well, for too long we have been talking about a spinoff show of sorts. You see, there are some restrictions when you are doing a commercial radio broadcast, mainly that you need to […]

Internet loss?

Four out of five young people feel ‘lost’ without internet Survey of under-25s finds that most are dependent upon the internet for activities ranging from cooking to illness diagnosis. Why are we spending so much time lamenting the fact that the internest, Google, has become the new educator? In the classroom we are fighting the […]


The 6th TEDxZU was a 1st. We took the TEDxZU experience out of the random public space of the atrium into the auditorium of the University. For all that was lost in the random spontaneous aspect of the show what we gained was a huge amount of credibility. At this event we had HE Sheikh Nahyan […]

Back to the Factory?

Today I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting with the people from du here in Dubai. The meeting itself was about Zayed University and du working toward some common goals. The conversation was fascinating and could lead to a very innovative teaching environment. But as the conversation progressed I became aware of […]

A Smile!

Every now and then you find something in the media that just works! A bit of fun, a bit of irony and a clear example of risk. This Costa Ad is all of the above. What if we were to substitute in professors?

Lessons from Cory Doctorow and more.

I think we need to spend a lot more time making lists and reflecting on what and who inspires us. But a list in and of itself is a pretty useless thing. The value of your inspiration list is it might open the door to a whole new set of ideas for others. So don’t […]

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