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Tell a story

There are so many ways to tell a story today. With the boom of affordable mobile technology, a mobile phone, and internet or data you can create and disseminate so much so fast. Sometimes it is nice to be a little more patient and construct something that brings together images, words and sound. The NFB […]

A great video!

Have you seen this story about a family business? I would love to see more of these and see them being done by my students about the UAE!  

Fitness Journey, Week 3

Week 3 of my fitness journey with Marcus Smith and www.innerfight.com. I can sum up the week in 2 words, PRETTY GOOD. Here is a look at what we did. On Sunday there was a lot of lifting and I have to be honest the inside of my armpits were really tender from the previous […]

Do you know your Mother?

So, how well do you know your mother? Could you write a book about your mother? What would the soundtrack of your mother’s life be? And who would read a book about your mother? Lots of questions and Billie Elias has the answers as she talks to me about writing a book about her own […]

Story Map, What An Idea!

This is a very cool tool and I found it on my goto place for journalism information it is all about using story map. Here is the link! One of the challenges we face today is how to tell engaging stories that take advantage of the available tools at hand. Story Maps helps to build […]


How do you react to disability? Pitty, shame, fear? Crazy really because a person with a disability is no less a person yet we treat then that way. I came across this and said, wow, we need to have a version of this in the UAE! I would love to see my students produce a […]

Brian Eno Master Motivation!

I happened on this and I have one thing to say, WOW! 4 minutes of brilliance. Is Eno talking Art or Business? Is Eno talking directly to you? WOW, watch and share with any young/old/middle-aged person you know who is questioning what they are doing.

Sometimes you just have to do what you think is right!

I love the look of this video and I love the message!   The Brazilian Musician That Makes the NYC Subway Commute a Little Bit Better Mar 27, 2014 | 21-part series Paul Rosenfeld Zooga Malaga explains the ups and downs of leaving his home country to make a new life in New York City. […]


I love Storehouse a new visual storytelling tool for the iPad. Sure it is early days and I am looking forward to an easy way to browse stories on other platforms, not just the iPad, but the package is exciting. Take a look at this example.¬†Sorry no embed feature yet!           […]

Walrus Cool!

What if you were to go to a town and gather the stories of the place! Record them, document them and write and perform a play of the collection of stories! Have you had a look at Walrus? Take a look at how the project works. It is pretty basic. The Tale of a Townis […]

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