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Alan Alda talks public speaking

There are endless hours of great content on CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio. And I have to say q is better than ever. Well, I happened on this absolutely fantastic interview with Alan Alda about public speaking. And Tom Power really has a knack for the interview. I love the part where Tom Power […]

Video Lives

One of my favourite courses is public speaking and I am always interested in looking at how others prepare and work through their ideas when they are under stress. Here is a 1993 clip of President Clinton. Lots going on and then, bam, he has his game face on! 2 lessons here. practice is important […]

Speaking and Ideas.

I tell my students that public speaking is not just about getting up on a stage and belting out a fantastic 3 minutes. Speaking in public is also about mastering inter-personal communication, the interview. One of my favorite places to watch people speak well and poorly is QTV on YouTube. What Jian Ghomeshi brings to […]

Public Speaking/Talking Tip

When we speak I am always saying be sure to move your lips, you would be surprised at the number of people who are lazy when it comes to facial cues. Here is why. We don’t speak consistently well by chance. We speak well because we take advantage of all the tools available. Always consider […]

Multi Channel Communication

I know, you are thinking what I have reduced myself to putting my class lectures into this space. Not yet. But I have been thinking a lot about the ways we send the intended message to our audience. As a public speaking coach I spend as much time talking about the visual delivery of the […]

Public Speaking

If there is one thing we all need to brush up on it is our public speaking skills. But is there a good tool? A guide? Help? YES! Nancy Duarte, yet again, offers up a wonderful public speaking refinement tool! Go and check out the video on Nancy’s site where she talks about the why […]

The Training We Need

I am constantly amazed by how ill prepared students really are to go out into the big bad world of work. YES we do give students a wealth of ideas and knowledge. YES we do tes the life out of students to prepare them for failure and criticism. But how well do we prepare the […]

This is a great public speaking tool.

I constantly teach that YOU are the presentation NOT a PowerPoint. I constantly teach that is not just what you say but how you say it that really is the presentation. I am constantly amazed at how bad professional presenters, many of them educators, are at presenting! This music video is a master class in […]

Speak Amazing—Practice, Practice, Practice

Yes speaking in a crowd awing way is all about practice but it is also looking at what others have done and learning from them. I am shocked at how few people leave school, any level, without impeccable public speaking and presentation skills. When we look for a job we need to present ourselves in a […]

Make your story work!

Stories are a powerful tool that we spend too little time thinking about. The problem with storytelling is we are caught out by context! We, you and I , feel that it is the job of some people to tell a story and not the job of others. We are all storytellers and we need […]

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