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Need some motivation?

There is no shortage of events and videos to get motivation from these days. So where do you go for motivation? I love TEDTalks and CreativeMornings talks are also a fantastic place to find inspiring motivational talks. But, there is always a but, what I am starting to find is motivational and educational talks are […]

Back after a month!

  Funny thing blogging, you know you have things to say but the how and when can be eluding. Sorry for being absent. I want to point you to 2 of the shows I did this week on Nightline. The 1st show was our conversation about giving more fines to distracted drivers for doing even […]

Career Decisions and as a bonus role of radio in education

This is the time of year when students around the world are in the midst of considering what their future path may look like. University? College? Trade School? Gap Year? What to do, what to doAs an educator and parent I can tell you with certainty that there are no easy answers. I can also […]

The Music of the week club

Another week and 7 great indie tunes. Alaa Wardi – Ya Fata BLUFRANK – 01 – Jungles Of The Unknown Hasan Malik – For Now RBMA bass camp DXB 2016 (Collab – Gaya+Toofless+Tacit) Salalem – Nefsi Takh??? – Sekeena WonderGaap – To the Meadow This is really the music of the week club and the best […]

Great Driving Tunes!

By day I am a professor and by night radio talk show host, yes I have the life, in your dreams maybe. There is something cool about getting to create professional radio content. Every week we do our Middle East Indie Music Show with the team at Triplew.ME and this week it was a totally self […]

A week in review.

Every week I am responsible for 6 hours of content on DubaiEye 103.8 FM. Here are the podcasts. From cars to very cool music this is my week in review. If you want to grab all the show notes check out the show blog.   CARTALK TECHTALK DocTalk GetFitRadio Call-In on Courtesy The Indie JukeBox

2 Guys I have all the time for.

Jian Ghomeshi and Jamie Oliver are 2 guys I have nothing but time for. Ghomeshi is simply one of the most compelling talk show hosts I have had the pleasure of listening to. Oliver is a non nonsense food guru! Here is a great chat about food and our kids. Share this. The real question […]

Nightline is Back!

Professor by day and talk show host by night, the caped crusader of the airwaves, I am back on the air! I am very proud of the 6 hours of radio I create with a very accommodating group of guests. If you haven’t had a chance to listen here is a look at what I […]

Speed and Change

I remember a couple of years ago sitting around a table with several colleagues looking over a budget for video and audio equipment. The numbers being tossed about, at the time, to keep current and have the top of the line video and audio recording and production capability was staggering. Not that we don’t need […]

In the Cards?

Oh those credit cards. Debt is a huge issue that it seems we really need to do a better job teaching people about. Are we taking a course call “debt management” in school? Not any school I went to. Yet, we all seem pretty good at accumulating debt and pretty bad at knocking it down. […]

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