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Do you know your Mother?

So, how well do you know your mother? Could you write a book about your mother? What would the soundtrack of your mother’s life be? And who would read a book about your mother? Lots of questions and Billie Elias has the answers as she talks to me about writing a book about her own […]

Another Tool for Broadcasting!

You have to love technology. Social media has changed the game of information sharing and is in the long game process of re-formatting not only how information media work but how the content they rely on is gathered. One of the tools that I have just started to experiment with is periscope. I have to […]

A week in review.

Every week I am responsible for 6 hours of content on DubaiEye 103.8 FM. Here are the podcasts. From cars to very cool music this is my week in review. If you want to grab all the show notes check out the show blog.   CARTALK TECHTALK DocTalk GetFitRadio Call-In on Courtesy The Indie JukeBox

Nightline is Back!

Professor by day and talk show host by night, the caped crusader of the airwaves, I am back on the air! I am very proud of the 6 hours of radio I create with a very accommodating group of guests. If you haven’t had a chance to listen here is a look at what I […]

More Indie Music

There is something about playing music and independent music on an all talk radio station that get the blood flowing. Paul Kelly from Triplew.me joins me on DubaiEye every week to shake things up a bit with independent music from the Middle East. Here is what we got up to this week. Let me know what you […]

Rock On.

I like to tell my students that there is a lot of potential content to write about, film and record right in front of them. Sometimes the people we meet open up a door of interest. Here is a great example from Nightline my radio show. This is the best show I do, the JukeBox, […]

Indie Music Middle East

You know what? There are some really talented musicians in the UAE and the Middle East for that matter who we never hear a peep from. Well, on www.dubaieye1038.com and my Nightline show we aim to fix that. If you listen to just 1 show I do on DubaiEye the Wind-Down Wednesday show with Paul Kelly […]

In the Cards?

Oh those credit cards. Debt is a huge issue that it seems we really need to do a better job teaching people about. Are we taking a course call “debt management” in school? Not any school I went to. Yet, we all seem pretty good at accumulating debt and pretty bad at knocking it down. […]

Are we dieting obsessed?

So, are we obsessed with dieting was the question asked on Nightline, and the answer is YES! Look at the not so scientific research. If you do a dieting book search on Amazon.com what do you get, 69,128 results! If we do the same search on Barnes and Noble’s sight we get a staggering 116,905 […]

How much thought about public space safety?

How much thought are you giving to the safety of the public space you are in? What I am not talking about is security in the sense that might immediately come to mind as in police safety. What about the safety of the physical environment? The chairs, the equipment, the railings, the tiles… all those […]

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