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Fitness matters for more than you think.

Look left, look right, turn on the radio, hit the magazine rack, surf the web and there is somebody talking fitness. Not to toot my own horn but for over 7 years we have had a fantastic fitness show on Nightline and what makes the show one of the strongest fitness information and motivation programs […]

Motivation from Marcus Smith

Every week I have the opportunity to sit down with Marcus Smith the man behind the Innerfight.com brand and talk fitness. Today as we were answering questions I realized, as I do most weeks, we are not just talking health and fitness we are talking basic life strategy. As we wound down the show what […]

Need some motivation?

There is no shortage of events and videos to get motivation from these days. So where do you go for motivation? I love TEDTalks and CreativeMornings talks are also a fantastic place to find inspiring motivational talks. But, there is always a but, what I am starting to find is motivational and educational talks are […]

Was at a creative loss.

It is one thing to have a writing block, what about a full creative block? I am curious how people get themselves out of the funk as some like to call it. My immediate supervisor at Zayed University said when it comes to writing, JUST WRITE. A friend said, JUST STOP. I have no magic […]

Motivation in the oddest place.

We get a shot of inspiration in the strangest places. How about Lionel Ritchie? I love this guy and his story. Things happen around us and we are too caught up in the moment to know what is going on. Sometimes we need to listen to our landscape. Give this interview a watch.

Get Motivated!

In September I will be taking on the challenge of being the 1st chair of the Department of Mass Communication at the Canadian University of Dubai. The 1st question people ask is why am I leaving Zayed University after 12 years? Zayed University has been a great place to work and a fantastic personal innovation […]

Thinking 2010

I stumbled on this nice little piece from TOM PETERS today. We must destroy “departments”–and create aggressive, imaginative, entrepreneurial Professional Service Firms in their stead. Two words that we need to infuse into our organizations in the New Year, education through plumbing, IMAGINATION and ENTREPRENEURIAL. We are living in a changed world, it is no […]

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