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Do I need the New Microsoft Surface Pro?

Well, I have to be honest I probably don’t need to go and buy the New Surface Pro. I am using an aging ASUS netbook with touch screen for my recording needs and a 2011 MacBook Pro for everything else. I have an iPad that I never use and my other love, at the moment, […]

Microsoft BizSpark very interesting

It is always interesting to learn that huge tech companies are not just trying to sell us software or stuff! I recently learned about Microsoft BizSpark and was amazed, why was this new to me? BizSpark isn’t a secret but sure is new to me. Go and check out the website link above because the site […]

No Way!

Microsoft has showed off research that takes us significantly closer to a Star Trek-style universal translator: natural language translation, in real time, in the user’s own voice. Tell me this isn’t something we all want to have kicking around in our bag of tricks? I found this on ReadWrite.com. Natural user interface demonstrated! Imagine what this does […]

How to say GoodBye

So we all think about how we will say goodbye when we leave our job. I love this short video from Bruno Aziza as he packs in Microsoft. I need to think of my own departure from Zayed University.

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