A curiosity cabinet ideas.

Wouldn’t want to be doing this interview

I have been really lucky to speak to some great people over the last 10 years on the radio. This week I happened upon an interview with Jerry Lewis, not mine, and all I could say was I am glad I was not in this situation. This was clearly a painful interview.

Do you know your Mother?

So, how well do you know your mother? Could you write a book about your mother? What would the soundtrack of your mother’s life be? And who would read a book about your mother? Lots of questions and Billie Elias has the answers as she talks to me about writing a book about her own […]

The #1 Question

I have a group of 44 students heading out on internships this semester and there are lots of questions about how to prepare. I cam across this great piece on Inc.com. The Only Interview Question That Matters BY LOU ADLER, this is a must read! And what is the question that matters? What single project or task […]

Speed and Change

I remember a couple of years ago sitting around a table with several colleagues looking over a budget for video and audio equipment. The numbers being tossed about, at the time, to keep current and have the top of the line video and audio recording and production capability was staggering. Not that we don’t need […]

A Teaching Moment: Interviewing

So, I teach at Zayed University in the college of communication and media sciences. I teach across the curriculum but find myself, more often than not, teaching intro courses, ethics and converged media courses. This week I realized why note taking is so important for students but even more important for media students. Here is the […]

Education Via Artistry

I think we spend a lot of time trying to figure out where and how to get the best education hit. Well last night I spoke to Gayathri on Nightline and realized that some of the best education happens along the way. For instance how d we learn to be a good, maybe great, marketer? We […]

Great Interview of Victor Garber

I am a huge QTV fan. I love to listen to, in this case watch, a great interview. How good are you at telling your story? Garber is truly amazing and I had no idea he was in Titanic, that could be I have never seen the movie to the end. What do you think […]

An Artists Mind

I had the opportunity to speak to the music sensation Rash Radio on my ever popular radio show on Dubai Eye. Honest, sincere and real. I loved his answer to the question about writers block. Rash said that he felt like every song was his last and then the next one just seemed to arrive […]

Breaking Stereotypes

There are a lot of stereotypes out there and we, you and I, do a wonderful job of sustaining them. If I was to put the words fitness and models together what would you think? What if I was to add the words bikini and stage to the mix? Exactly! When I knew I was […]

Fashionista and the road taken!

Jeanne Beker joins Jian Ghomesh on Q, my favorite CBC radio show, to talk about her life. This is a truly amazing conversation. Here we have a person who has worked her way through the world of journalism, and serious journalism, to lead the way in reporting and creating programming about fashion. There is great value […]

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