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The week in radio update.

Another week of great radio on DubaiEye , I am the producer and presenter of 6 hours of evening talk radio and there is no shortage of information, education and a little entertainment along the way. The complete list of shows and their notes is easy to find they are just a click away. I want to […]

A week of lessons from the radio

Every week I have the opportunity to sit down with a very interesting group of people to create 6 hours of original radio content in Dubai. This week I want to share some of the content from the show and some of the lessons learned.   On the CarTalk show with www.motoringme.com, Motoring Middle East, […]

Volume 1 and 2 of the ME Indie Jukebox best of 2017

As you are no doubt aware I spend 6 hours a week writing, producing and presenting Nightline on DubaiEye 103.8 fm. Well, easily the single show with the greatest reach and greatest engagement is the JukeBox our feature of indie music from across the Middle East. We recently featured 2 episodes of the best of […]

The ME Indie Jukebox

As you may or may not know I am the host of a radio show in Dubai that manages to feature indie recording artists every Wednesday. This week it was my pleasure to have Big-Hass the Hip Hop blogger join me on the show. Hass is very enthusiastic and seems to have an endless amount […]

Amazing how you lose track of time

It seems I am so caught up with my work at Zayed University, Nightline and CreativeMornings that I seem to have put down my pen when it comes to posting here. The final touches have just been put on the playlist for this weeks Indie Music Jukebox, all music from the Middle East. So, here is a […]

Great Indie Music.

I am easily the luckiest guy in the United Arab Emirates. On a weekly basis I get to sit down with Josh Williams of RecordProRecords and meet some new up and coming recording artists. This was a great week. First up was Hasan Malik. Hasan treated us to his latest recording and then got into the studio […]

Back after a month!

  Funny thing blogging, you know you have things to say but the how and when can be eluding. Sorry for being absent. I want to point you to 2 of the shows I did this week on Nightline. The 1st show was our conversation about giving more fines to distracted drivers for doing even […]

The Guy Sings My Theme Song!

I think everyone needs a theme song. Fortunately I do a weekly radio show with the folks over at Triplew and we get to play out some of the best independent recording artists in the Middle East. Well over the last 5 years we have played a store full of tunes and there is one tune […]

Just a great song from a great band!

Every now and then you come across a band that makes you stop in your tracks and take a second listen. Well let me tell you about a band out of Cairo, The Sharmoofers, Ahmed Bahaa and Moe El 3Arkan.! You can follow the band on Facebook and if you take a look at their site this […]