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Fitness matters for more than you think.

Look left, look right, turn on the radio, hit the magazine rack, surf the web and there is somebody talking fitness. Not to toot my own horn but for over 7 years we have had a fantastic fitness show on Nightline and what makes the show one of the strongest fitness information and motivation programs […]

Thin Complex?

Is it possible that with all the talk of healthy living and healthy diet we have lost track of what healthy means? Take a look a the images of ‘healthy’ people in magazines, on TV and even in the papers. Does healthy mean uber thin, maybe? It would seem, given the conversation on Nightline that […]

Teens and the Internet

(Reuters Health) – One in every 25 teens had “problematic Internet use” in a new study of high school students from Connecticut. Are we doing enough to make our youth aware of the risk and danger to their physical and mental health with excessive internet consumption? This Reuters article should make us all sit back […]

What about food?

If there is one thing we are all have an interest in it is food! Yet, when it comes to food we fail miserably to really think about how it can have an impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. Jamie Oliver won this years TED Prize and hopes to create […]

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