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HR and youth the problem is simple

I have been working with interns in Dubai since 2004. Over this period I have had the opportunity to talk at length to both internship site supervisors and the students who are going out on internships. I say all this to simply make the point that I know a little about what UAE national women […]

Why we don’t succeed!

You can go to any number of self help books to start the discussion of personal success or failure. As a professional educator I watch and preside over success and failure on a daily basis. What I have come to learn is that neither success or failure are really that easy to define. What one […]

Why education stumbles.

For the most part the education as we know it is a process that works. But I think it could be working a whole lot better. I am also pretty sure that education, the enterprise, never really reaches its stride for one simple reason, coordination! Take any average University today, they have several hundred faculty, […]