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Great Driving Tunes!

By day I am a professor and by night radio talk show host, yes I have the life, in your dreams maybe. There is something cool about getting to create professional radio content. Every week we do our Middle East Indie Music Show with the team at Triplew.ME and this week it was a totally self […]

Some Great Indie Music.

Every week I get a chance to sit down with the folks at Triplew.me and we play some very cool music from independent recording artists in the Middle East. This is a Great Podcast.   Here is the lineup. Jammit – Soldiers  TheEmptyCorner_Mike Ross Metamorphiq-Unlucky one Alsarah & The Nubatones – Wad Alnuba (Captain Planet Remix) […]

Rock On.

I like to tell my students that there is a lot of potential content to write about, film and record right in front of them. Sometimes the people we meet open up a door of interest. Here is a great example from Nightline my radio show. This is the best show I do, the JukeBox, […]

Writers Block, What To DO?

I am a professor and I create teaching content on a daily basis. I am a radio broadcaster and 6 hours a week produce original content on DubaiEye. Actually, I think the content I pull together with Paul Kelly from Triplew.me is some of the best research, writing, recording, editing and distribution I have been part […]

Why I Love Radio and Why I Make Radio Content?

Radio allows you to share incredibly rich ideas with a very diverse and dispersed group of people. Radio breaks free of social and economic confines. Radio allows you access to places you may never go, virtually. Radio is warm. I do radio because I believe that it is a free and accessible way to expose […]

Safety vs Business

So, I had a chat on Nightline about minibus safety. As it turns out they are not really all that safe for people transport. In fact the Dubai Police would be pretty happy if the minibus was banned from transporting people all together! Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, said minibuses were very dangerous […]

Education Via Artistry

I think we spend a lot of time trying to figure out where and how to get the best education hit. Well last night I spoke to Gayathri on Nightline and realized that some of the best education happens along the way. For instance how d we learn to be a good, maybe great, marketer? We […]

In the Cards?

Oh those credit cards. Debt is a huge issue that it seems we really need to do a better job teaching people about. Are we taking a course call “debt management” in school? Not any school I went to. Yet, we all seem pretty good at accumulating debt and pretty bad at knocking it down. […]

Bad Boss? What to do?

How many of us have had a bad boss? I suspect the big issue is not good versus bad but how things are communicated. And when we get into communication the real issue becomes how conflict is being worked through. It is at this point that all breaks down. Conflict in the workplace is common […]

Love these guys!

Last night I had a chance to talk with 2 of the members of Beat Antenna, very cool. What always amazes me is how we can always find the time for the things we love and the things we love are more often than not the things we do best. There is a message to […]

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