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The week in radio update.

Another week of great radio on DubaiEye , I am the producer and presenter of 6 hours of evening talk radio and there is no shortage of information, education and a little entertainment along the way. The complete list of shows and their notes is easy to find they are just a click away. I want to […]

A week of lessons from the radio

Every week I have the opportunity to sit down with a very interesting group of people to create 6 hours of original radio content in Dubai. This week I want to share some of the content from the show and some of the lessons learned.   On the CarTalk show with www.motoringme.com, Motoring Middle East, […]

Dubai’s tool time!

So, ever thought you could fix the little issue with your taps or maybe you figured you had what it takes to adjust a door?  And how did you make out? Maybe what you need is someone you can bounce your DIY and repair questions off. Colin and Dan from wewillfixit sit with me and take […]

Need some CarTalk?

Every week this segment of what is easily the best talk radio program on the airwaves at 9pm in the UAE, maybe the world, turns into a car showroom. What do you know about cars and what do you want to know about cars? The guys over at www.motoringme.com join us to help you make sense […]

24 of the BEST Indie Music tunes from the middle east in 2017

I am easily the luckiest guy in Dubai. Every week Adam, the guy in the picture above, joins me for the price of a cup of decaf, to talk about the coolest indie music in the middle east and along the way we actually get to play the tunes. So, not only do I get […]

Tool Time with James? Naaah the Nightline Fit-it show

So, way back when I was a grad student in Montreal I spent some time working with St. Remy Multimedia and the project I worked on as an assistant editor was the rewrite of the Time-Life Home Repair and Improvement Series. I didn’t work on all the books but I worked on several and it […]

Great Indie Music from the Middle East

This is easily the best hour of radio in the UAE. For just under an hour we play some of the coolest Middle Eastern indie tunes and have a conversation about what we think. Adam is the music detective here. There are always a few surprises on the playlist! Play this show and share it. […]

What about that workplace bully?

We had a great question on Nightline this week, we asked how you are dealing with the workplace bully. I was joined by Dr. James Kelley www.drjameskelley.com, a professor of business at UAEU and we tried to unpack the issue.   We had a great chat with an educator and school psychologist, Marie Carmen, who gave […]

Talking to Bikingman these guys are cool

It is always interesting to speak to people who have had a cool idea and then gone and taken it and turned it into something Well Axel and Andreas have done that with BIKINGMAN. http://bikingman.com/en/ http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/451489-fastest-time-to-cycle-the-length-of-south-america-cartagena-to-ushuaia-by-a-tea I love the fact that these guys fell into cycling and it is a pretty recent thing. I love […]

Your Weekly Music Fix

One of the things you learn very fast when you have the opportunity to listen to radio from around the world is that there is not a lot of local music being played anywhere. What is going on with the indie music scene in the UAE is not much different anywhere around the world, it […]

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