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On Creativity

Creativity is an odd thing. I seem to have been on this odd quest of a sort since 2009 running into bits and pieces of how people manage, wrestle and tame their own creative energy long enough to grab the idea and put it into a form that others can understand. It is absolutely interesting […]

Creativity is in the air!

In 2009 I had the opportunity to attend my 1st TED Conference in Long Beach California, this event was a creativity game changer for me. Sitting and listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talking about creativity I realised that part of the creativity conundrum is simply seeing the elements of creativity around us in plain sight. What […]

New Door Thinking

I love a new idea and this is clever as well as technologically viable! I would love to see how we could use this for public education. Imagine putting doors in a school and connecting to a refugee camp? Imagine putting a door in a mall and connecting to a souq? Imagine!

Find Your Inner Creativity

I am always surprised at the places we can see creativity in exhibition and how people take something and morph it into something else. Flex Dance, this is a fantastic display of expression. The story here is simple. Be yourself. Trust yourself. Dream-Do-Be  

Is there a key to success?

Have you ever spent any tie looking at the Berlin School of Leadership site? Bill Roedy did the 5th Anniversary and graduation speech for the Berlin School. AMAZING! Not that I was hearing anything new but it was great to hear these ideas from another voice.   Tips to success from Bill the cable guy. […]

What does creativity look like and do?

Creativity has a face and a role in pretty much everything we do. I suspect the greatest fear we have, and the reason we hide or suppress our creativity, is for fear of rejection. Lets face it we are very judgmental and instead of celebrating a person putting their idea out there, a simple example […]

Define Creativity?

Creativity is one of those words that the moment you utter it people position themselves as either having it or not having it. I am not so certain you can not be creative. I think the way we express our creativity varies so widely that we use classifications, very crude self classification, techniques to come […]

Holding Inspiration

Finding inspiration is one thing and grabbing it, holding it, recording it and using it is a totally different thing. This TED talk really made me think hard about not just being inspired but using that inspiration. I have watched that talk a lot. And I have thought about what is being said and the […]

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