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Talking Cars in Dubai

Because we all love to have a conversation about cars, trucks, mods and more I manage to sit down with the guys at MotoringME.com once a week and have a national conversation about all that is on our minds about automobiles. If you have not had a chance to look at the stuff MotoringME.com is […]

Great Indie Music from the Middle East

This is easily the best hour of radio in the UAE. For just under an hour we play some of the coolest Middle Eastern indie tunes and have a conversation about what we think. Adam is the music detective here. There are always a few surprises on the playlist! Play this show and share it. […]

My Jeep Story, the video!

OK this is cool. I was asked if I would be interested in telling “My Jeep Story” on camera! Of course I was up for a video of me and my jeep. Here is what was published, I love it!  

Interesting Read and watch.

First the read. The bane of my life is how to take any of the ideas I have and monetize¬†even one. Here is an interesting read about video! So what is the key takeaway? Customer, customer, customer! While the myriad content offerings is a bounty for consumers, who now spend 70 hours each week with […]

Plan B is Plan A

I often get asked what is the greatest challenge I face as an educator. Engagement! I have been looking for answers to the engagement issue in all the wrong places. And then I found this! Time to start thinking in terms of the world those being educated are living in! Here is the link to […]

What a great story!

I hope all my students watch this and imitate it!

Loving a little spy!

Today as I wandered through the publications office of Zayed University I was treated to a little video folly! I had never heard of Spy Films, the company, but now I cannot stop talking about them. The film/ad I was treated to is just very cool. Spy Films and directing duo Alex & Steffen, roll […]

365 days too few

I have said it before and I will say it again BoingBoing is a must browse blog. Why? More often than not it is a wonderful clearinghouse for ideas that, like TED, make you sit back and scratch your head. But don’t confuse things TED and BoingBoing are very different types of sites. I stumbled […]

LEGO to the hight tech rescue.

This is a fantastic video. 1. it reminds us that there are tools at hand today, toys in fact, that can have a very real purpose beyond fun 2. the video is a lesson to all students that maybe there is more to be done when creating, think education! 3. WOW is important in all […]

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