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On Creativity

Creativity is an odd thing. I seem to have been on this odd quest of a sort since 2009 running into bits and pieces of how people manage, wrestle and tame their own creative energy long enough to grab the idea and put it into a form that others can understand. It is absolutely interesting […]

My Canada

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked what is it that set Canada as a country apart from others. To me, this video says it all.

Alan Alda talks public speaking

There are endless hours of great content on CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio. And I have to say q is better than ever. Well, I happened on this absolutely fantastic interview with Alan Alda about public speaking. And Tom Power really has a knack for the interview. I love the part where Tom Power […]

2 Guys I have all the time for.

Jian Ghomeshi and Jamie Oliver are 2 guys I have nothing but time for. Ghomeshi is simply one of the most compelling talk show hosts I have had the pleasure of listening to. Oliver is a non nonsense food guru! Here is a great chat about food and our kids. Share this. The real question […]

Cool Bit of Audio.

  I don’t know how often you get to listen to Q on CBC but this was a great piece. Kelly McEvers wrestles with the war reporter’s dilemma¬†(give this link a click) Former war correspondent Kelly McEvers on the difficult decision to stop covering global conflict. I had my COM200, Intro to Communication, students listen […]

Everyday feels like a Saturday!

I found this in my inbox and it got me thinking about a couple of things. First are you playing a part in what is going on around you or are you coasting? I have to tell you it is pretty easy to coast. Second do what you are good at and keep doing it. […]

Take a Different Route.

OK, we do a lot of music on Nightline with the help of Paul Kelly over there at www.triplew.me¬†but we have not had a band like these guys. If you are not listening and watching Q you are missing something big. This band, Royal Canoe caught my attention because they are indeed taking the other […]

William H Macy

This is simply a great interview! I love the conversation about his wife!

Great Life Lessons!

There is a lot to learn from Kermit the Frog.  

What inspires you?

Tony Bennett may not be the youngest guy on the block but it really is something else to listen to him talk about what inspired him and inspires him to sing. The simple things, the story, the ability to engage it is in the confluence of these that we all have our inspiration.

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