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My Canada

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked what is it that set Canada as a country apart from others. To me, this video says it all.

Oh Canada

We are in Vancouver and the thing that grabs my attention, as it does every year, is all the spontaneous green. Flowers, veggies, moss and more. Of course all this growth needs water and over the last few days it has been drizzle. But this is one of the things I love about Canada.

See the Image and The Smell Comes Back

How often do you see an image of something and then the smell just jumps into your brain? This was sitting beside the picnic table and without it even being given a little tweek I could smell it. Of course it was only moments later before the memory turned to reality and I needed to […]

Canada the Land of the Polite.

So, people always ask me what do I miss the most about Canada? Having been in Quebec and now Saskatchewan for a couple of days I can tell you one thing I miss, how polite people are. Sure you are saying give me an example. Well here is one from an airport. There I was […]

Just fun.

Sometimes it all comes down to fun and clever to tell a story. This is an example of both. A clever new ad promoting the 2014 Canadian Film Fest, which opens at Toronto’s Royal Cinema this Thursday, spotlights this dilemma as Canadian actor Antoine Zombé tries to break into the movie business. What I love about […]

What bugs you about Canadians?

You want to get a taste of Canada? Well this is one of my favorite Canadian television talk shows. So, what about Canadians? Do we ever bug people? Canadians are great at poking fun at themselves! Check out Rick Mercer on Annoying Canadian Stereotypes [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3EvS467JK0[/youtube]  

WEB 3.0 and the Canadian Digital Media Network

The cloud, WEB2.0, twitter, facebook, Netflix, apps, it would seem no matter where you turn our economy and thought process are in some way being directly impacted upon by WEB based technology. The problem with our increasingly WEB influenced social mentality is that the parts that make up the whole of our WEB aided society […]

Can you laugh at yourself?

How do you measure the success of a nation? Wealth, education, power, military, population or none of the above? I  am a bit slow on the uptake but have really come to realize that the success of a nation is directly proportional to the ability of a population to laugh at itself. Sounds silly but […]

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