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Need some CarTalk?

Every week this segment of what is easily the best talk radio program on the airwaves at 9pm in the UAE, maybe the world, turns into a car showroom. What do you know about cars and what do you want to know about cars? The guys over at www.motoringme.com join us to help you make sense […]

24 of the BEST Indie Music tunes from the middle east in 2017

I am easily the luckiest guy in Dubai. Every week Adam, the guy in the picture above, joins me for the price of a cup of decaf, to talk about the coolest indie music in the middle east and along the way we actually get to play the tunes. So, not only do I get […]

We all love to talk tech!

If you are looking for an educational, informative and above all entertaining look at what is going on in the world of TECH then you want to sit down with myself and Andrew Thomas from NEXA. For almost an hour a week we deconstruct the world of consumer technology. This week was all about the […]

2 1/2 Minutes?

So what can you do in 2 1/2 minutes? I often wonder why we academics don’t take our classes and reduce them into 2 1/2 minute review capsules. My students are not only multi-tasking but they are consuming content via multiple screens. So where can we get a sample of 2 1/2 minute content montages? […]

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