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The Election aftermath, the us election that is.

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Well, we are now, days after Donald J. Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America.

People around the globe are asking what does this mean for us individually and as foreign interests or foreign interested observers.

On Nightline we asked our listeners, hours after the election what their thoughts were.

Here is a look at a few of the SMS messages we received.

The silver lining  in Trump winning.
1. He wouldn’t have got this far if he wasn’t intelligent. He had the cards stacked against him (his party, the media, the opposition, the world, the polls)
2. He is a successful businessman, and he has global business interests. He may not fully understand global economy but he is not about to start tearing up trade agreements.
3. He is an outsider to politics not burdened by lobbyists, and unencumbered by ideological baggage.
4. He understood the underlying pulse of the american electorate and leveraged what many others did not see.
5. He would not be a billionaire if he did not have the ability to surround himself with the right people.
Yes, he has made unprecedented statements – but to dismiss him as a lunatic is underestimating his abilities.
What really worries me is that facts didnt matter in this election. The American ‘tribes’ are in their own echo chambers, they only listen to the news outlets they agree with.
When you cant agree on the facts, you cant agree on what the problems are, and consequently on the solutions to those problems.
What gives me nightmares?
Climate change. And half the country doesnt believe its real
Trump was d better choice, now america will be able to understand how other countries doesn’t want to be controlled or invaded by other countries! He will do great things for his country and will allow others to do great things for their own!  Let Iraq be for Iraqis and Libya for Libyans!
The media have themselves to blame…they created this monster..the powers that be created a dislike of Islam and trump used that well..this is Karma for the mess the Bush (Iraq) and killary (Libya) caused..I think they are both (Hillary and Trump) useless..and the world is laughing..the intelligent people that is..the people with nothing else in life to do but give this the importance it does not deserve…well it shows how sad this Fb..instagram selfieworld has become…

Click here to listen to the entire show.


A wonderful voice

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As you may or may not know I am the host of Nightline on DubaiEye.

Once a week I host a show called the ME Indie Jukebox, easily the best show featuring music and interviews with artists in the region.

Joshua Williams of Record Pro Records does the legwork of getting an incredible cast of musicians into the studio for a conversation and some music.

In this episode we had a conversation with Jamil Jabbour.

Jamil has a powerful voice and a great story.

Click to hear Jamil and his music.

As always we had a great show with some wonderful conversation with Esther Eden and music from EYE and Craig Perry.

Here is the entire show to enjoy.

Under 16 year old females rock the Dubai music scene.

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When you meet an inspiring person you can’t help but be infected by their energy.

On my Nightline music show the Indie Jukebox we got to play tunes from 2 women in Dubai who are both under 18 years old.

The 2 artists I am talking about are Millie Page and Saffron Collins.

One word to describe these 2 artist, WOW!

Here is the link to the show.


Click here to hear Millie the 1st time we played her.

Click here to hear 2 brand new tunes by Millie.

And Saffron Collins has really come into her own with her song writing and playing.

Click here to hear Saffron Collins.

Simply great music!

Who is talking food waste? NOBODY.

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I am constantly surprised by the ambivalence today about food waste.

Is there an issue?

At least 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, more than most countries emitted. This estimate included all the emissions required to produce the uneaten food, including emissions from soil, livestock and the energy required to run a farm.

In Dubai alone the issue is huge.
Here is a great article from the Gulf News.

Dubai’s landfills are singing to the tune of 1,000 tonnes of food waste per dayOver one year, it means that as much as 365,000 tonnes of food is discarded in Dubai – about 12. 5 per cent of the mountain of waste the Emirate.

So, what are we saying about this issue in Dubai?

Click here for the Nightline Podcast.

Give our show on the topic a listen.

It is time to start acting on food waste.

Great tunes from Dubai

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What is one of the 1st things you do when you get into a car? You turn on the radio.

What about when you land in a new town, you listen for the music of the place.

On a weekly basis Joshua Williams and myself sit down with some really interesting musical artists in Dubai, talk about their work and play some of their music.

This week we had  Gaya, Ben Rendel and Imbue in the studio, wow!

Gaya is one of those people that infects you with her passion and creativity for looking and thinking about the world around you.

Ben Rendel is new to the scene and he is 100% motivated to bring his genre of music to life.

And there is Imbue what a great band with a great story.

Download the podcast here.


The Dubai Music Industry

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My interest in the workings of cultural industries started well before grad school.

Over the past 25 years I have gone from Canada to the UAE and from one industrial environment to another.

What has not changed is the fact that cultural industries are one of the most cherished by nations and the most misunderstood.

The core issue, in a sentence, is cultural industries are measured, qualified and quantified like any other industry yet they are not any other industry.

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Joshua Williams, Reiner Erlings and Gaya to talk about the music industry as it is evolving in Dubai.

What is interesting is the industry has undergone dramatic change yet the mindset of artists and the people manning the support mechanism have not evolved with that change.

So, like so many cultural industries there are multiple realities overlapping and expectations are at odds with the realities.

Click here to listen to the conversation. 



Great Indie Music.

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I am easily the luckiest guy in the United Arab Emirates.

On a weekly basis I get to sit down with Josh Williams of RecordProRecords and meet some new up and coming recording artists.

This was a great week.

First up was Hasan Malik.

Hasan treated us to his latest recording and then got into the studio and belted out a project he is working on for a group in LA.

Next up was Khalifa Thani.

Khalifa is a very special artist. It was great to be able to play the title track off his just launched LP.

Last but not least Millie, a 14 year old sensation, played her latest tune for us.

The musical talent in the UAE is incredible, you be the judge.

Download the podcast click here.


Are you out there?

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Doing things that put you and your ideas out there is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

For me it is 100% practicing what I preach.

As a professor of communication, I teach how to tell a great story.

And I get out there and try to do it.

This was my most recent video attempt at telling a great story.

This is my weekly attempt at keeping an audience engaged.


And this is my InnerTalks presentation.

What about you are you out there?

A conversation and the music of Kamal Musallam

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I had the pleasure of speaking to Kamal Musallum, about his music and more and Kamal was easily one of the most interesting musical artists I have ever spoken to.

Take a look at this video to get an idea who I am talking about and pay attention to the tune, there is a quiz later!

And this is simply wonderful.

So, here is my conversation with Kamal and I am sure you will be as inspired as I continue to be.

The podcast link to my conversation with Kamal Mussalam.



What is it about litter?

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It is hard to understand why so many people continue to litter today.

The reality that we are drowning in litter is undeniable.

Image from Shutterstock.com

Image from Shutterstock.com

Here are some articles that drive home how big the litter issue is.







The Podcast on Litter From Nightline.


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