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New Media to New Education, living convergence! A humble start.

Posted on | September 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

The world of media and the world of technology are changing, whether they like it or not.

As much as we talk about new media and new education both seem to be caught in the mud of their old ways.

TV/radio/press/film all talk new but are doing very little that is new. New media is not putting a paper on an iPad! New education is not just changing the content.

New is re-imagining.

New in today’s context involves interaction, delivery, outcomes and social action.

The irony is that we are really only at phase one of the implementation of new media and new education.

We are stuck at interaction and hoping that the rest will follow.

We have tools to enable new but we are not yet in the mind space to make it happen.

Take my own classes as an example, students still file in and sit in rows and most of the time I stand and talk to them, why?

Because it is easy, it is as simple as that. The standard school lecture has been the mainstay of education for 100 years so why even think of changing things?

Because today we have the opportunity to take education to those who want it where they want it in the context that they may actually make immediate use of it! Time and space are no longer king the content, its delivery and the interaction provoked is what matters.

To mix things up a bit I am recording my classes for delivery over an iPhone or Blackberry, but the true convergence of the education I am responsible for guiding from the school to the private realm is still very much a work in progress.

It is a work in progress because of resistance to change from the providers and fromt he consumers.

I often feel the media, the educator and the consumer are asking for permission to think new but they don’t know who to ask!

What I find incredible is we the media, and educators, talk convergence, new media and new education BUT are not following through.

Why isn’t every professor making their class available online, on Facebook, on YouTube and linking them to others and their content via twitter?

I imagine a time when education is as much a meeting of a group of people in a classroom as it is a meeting of people in a coffee shop or on the beach or in an jet crossing the Atlantic.

The convergence and new aspects of media and education are not difficult to imagine or realize, yet we resist because it is not what we are comfortable with.

The video of my own class below was recorded and within an hour posted online!

The start of making new media and a new education involves considering how and where people will consume your ideas int his case and making that process of consumption easy and accessible.

The illusion is that this process of delivery and acces is hard.

My own recordings are formatted for a mobile phone so the quality of the image is pretty poor if viewed on a large screen, but the audio is good and that is really all that matters.

Here is my DIY guide.

1. activate your webcam, I am using iSight on my Mac.

2. use a capture software for audio and video, I am using Quicktime.

3. edit the front and back of the video, add a title, I am using iMovie.

4. export video to a useful format, I am using iMovie and exporting for mobile device.

5. post for download or viewing, I am using Vimeo

Take a look at the beta test below.


Sure the quality of the image could be better.

Sure the camera could be placed differently.

We can critique this video for a week, but it is out there.

We cannot talk new and converged media and education if we are not trying it!

What stops others form following my lead?

The illusion that creating online, converged, new media products is hard and takes a lot of equipment and know how.


What we need is for the media and educators alike to take the challenge and lead the way for the consumer instead of waiting for them to tell us where they have been and what they like.

We need to embrace the opening lines of the original Star Trek series, “to boldly go where no man has gone before!”


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  1. Jody Johannessen
    October 2nd, 2010 @ 11:54 am

    Thank you James! Helpful and informative.

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