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The power of a good Story

Posted on | September 23, 2010 | No Comments

Last night I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Chris Johns the Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine.

Since 2005 Johns has led the magazine and its redesign, his photojournalism roots are very obvious!

Johns is worth listening to not only because he has gone from being a photographer to editor of a major magazine, published since 1888 with 33 local language editions today.

Johns also reiterates that what makes the magazine work is that it ALWAYS strives to tell a great story.

And the magazine listens as much as it tells… good communication is always a 2-way street!

What is also interesting is the fact that up to 30% of the Arabic edition of National Geographic will have content born in Arabia and North Africa.

In a time when print media is being re-imagined National Geographic is pushing the old and new ways of distribution ahead.

Many people I talk to about Arabic content lament the quality issues, all that is about to change!

To my students keep working at perfecting your Arabic language skills and remember dream big, anything is possible!

TheĀ Chris Johns National Geographic Editor in Chief interview.


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