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Posted on | September 21, 2010 | No Comments

Radio is a great industry in the UAE for one selfish reason, I get to talk to all sorts of people I would otherwise never have the opportunity to speak with.

I spoke with Luqman and Ali from MPAC Sports last night and was inspired.

These guys are true basketball stars from Chicago.

No I am not going to be playing basketball but the passion they spoke of and the way that passion for the game has been transformed into a business was so crystal clear it was blinding.

The lessons from these guys are simple.

1. love what you do

2. be around like minded people

3. your passion can become the best business

4. there is no substitute for hard work

5. people recognize all of the above and are draw to those practicing like flies to a bug zapper!

These could be lessons for school, business or even your personal life!

The fact is I saw these rules in practice and was blown away!

I am sure if you told these guys they would be teaching basketball in Dubai in 2010 a few years ago they would have laughed, well here they are!



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