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Innovation X2.

Posted on | September 21, 2010 | No Comments

Innovation is a word, idea, concept even a dream that is tossed around today like common currency.

There is a lot of innovation going on that we see and realize and even more going on that we don’t see.

The easy see is the blatant technology the iThis or iThat.

The more difficult innovation is the change in action or practice or application of ideas and concepts.

Take this speech by Howard Buffet.

I love the speech for the simple fact that it was delivered via Livestream video streaming.

I have been using Livestream to show the studio at DubaiEye while I am broadcasting for over a year and it is a dream to work with, easy and cheap. What Livestream allows is for any organization, professor, school, shop, place where something compelling is happening to be able to distribute that content!

Wow! Why aren’t more people using it?

That is more of the topic of Buffett’s speech.

mashable on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

It is great to talk and look at physical innovation but the real change and the real action comes from you and I doing things, small things but doing things.

We need to reorient ourselves to the fact that innovation rests in our hands by virtue that we have to start looking at the wild world of WEB2.0 or the new technology being tossed at us and figure out what we can do with it all.

We need to engage and remember that innovation is small and cumulative and not really the few great iThings we see.

Innovation does rest with us and I think we have been blinded by the show and now need to get back into the game, ready or not.


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