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The New Way to Present Academia

Posted on | June 23, 2010 | No Comments

It is time to modernize the way we academics present the fruit of what we do in the Ivory Tower.

Lets face it we academics are without doubt experts in not only HOW teaching and learning takes place and is disseminated today but we are also experts in our own particular fields of study.

So why when it comes to making our knowledge available to the world to we tend to jump at obscure journals and even more obscure niche academic conferences?

My theory is we are simply following the old academic protocol.

Research to Publish to Present with little to no thought being given to the HOW and WHO or even WHERE of the process.

Well there is an alternative and that alternative is the TED model.

The scary thing is so many academics watch TEDTalks but so few actually try to do their own work and presentations in that format, right down to the audio/video and show.

Some might say that the TED format dilutes the content of a presentation, I don’t buy it.

Here is the clip talking about TEDCannes and there is nothing light about the content.


It is time for the academic world to awaken to the possibility before it and not stay crouched behind a podium in a room tucked away on an obscure University campus and jump feet first onto the world stage and the model for this is TED!


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