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Designing a Convergent Media Space

Posted on | June 14, 2010 | No Comments

If you could dream big and design the ultimate learning/lab space to transform the way we think and do communication today what would it look like?

The problem, and there is a problem, is that the space needs to function as a classroom, lecture hall, studio, think tank, recording facility, technology incubator, and new convergent media showcase all at the same time.

So who do you talk to?

Journalists have one idea.

PR people have another idea.

Academics have yet another idea.

Designers are thinking different,

The architects have a vision.

Nobody has asked the students.

And in the end what you can end up with is a pretty traditional space that might look like a CNN/BBC/CBC newsroom.

What are we looking at if we dream of a new space configuration?

A big open space with scattered technology in different corners to satisfy specific and rather non converged needs. This is the old way of thinking without a doubt.

One of the big issues with convergence is are we talking form or function. What we really need is a bit of both.

The form of convergence is the bringing of different, often old school technology, into one place, not very new thinking at all and really not very convergent.

The function of convergence is a way of thinking and this is the clever side, the paradigm shift, the bringing of content to different platforms simultaneously for focused, yet mass, dissemination.

So what will the space to teach and practice convergent media look like?



The d school at Standford has not only invented the space, with the proud insight of IDEO’s founders, but I would hasten to say perfected it!

As an academic and practitioner of convergent media when I am asked how I would design the ideal space to teach, learn and practice convergent media I say look at the d School!


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