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Manage Distraction.

Posted on | April 25, 2010 | No Comments

This weekend I realized that we all have a huge amount of creativity on tap to offer!

Yet when you look around the number of people acting on their creativity is pretty small.


I think it all comes down to distraction!

On the whole we are far too distracted and because of the distraction we never seem to be able to get around to acting on the creative impulse!

Yet some do! How does that happen?

If you look at the average person who acts on their creativity you will find that they seem to colse down at some point and get very focused on something and expunge their creativity, then they ramp things up and return to the hustle and bustle.

What is writers block? Distraction pulling at focus.

Why does the great photographer shoot crap? Distraction from focus.

Chefs,teachers,internet folks…. parents…. we all have ample amounts of creativity to use BUT we need to find a means to get the time to focus and allow it to come out.

Me time! Hmmm sounds a bit familiar.

The problem being when you take that TIME to be creative you are accused by YOU, yourself, of being selfish and then you don’t take the time to just do it!

Food for thought on Sunday.


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