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Do students want the education they need?

Posted on | March 27, 2010 | No Comments

This may sound like a silly question with the obvious answer being YES, but wait a second.

We are sitting on the break of an education revolution and the mobile environment is just the leading edge of the emerging wave.

This Fast Company slide show tells us a lot about the very young student and how technology is part of their life.

What about the University student?

How many students in a communication program or IT program or business program or design program are even thinking about apps?

How many of the students in the programs mentioned above are even thinking and experimenting with loading content into a bog to see what works and what does not work?

Some for sure but too few by far!


Are we professors to blame? Some for sure.

But the real issue from where I am sitting is the fact that apps and technology application is nothing more than experimenting with being a micro-entrepreneur!

Maybe the problem is students are not curious enough?

Maybe our education is now profoundly misaligned with the reality we live in?

Maybe students just don’t care?

Or maybe it is hard to see the possibility of applying technology to new frontiers of thinking because of the application in place that act as a blinder?

I think what we need to do as teachers is demand more of our students and push them towards possibility.

I think students need to realize that school is just a giant incubator for possibility and they can and should incubate ideas and to not is to miss a giant opportunity!


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