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Teaching Point.

Posted on | March 17, 2010 | No Comments

Just a little observation.

Today a student asked me about what was required of a practicum exercise.

We are going to be reporting on the 2nd Global Media Ethics Roundtable using social media tools.

The students question was can I post a video and be done?

I suppose but what a waste of time and possibility.

It seems it was and is the possibility that eludes so many people when it comes to engaging in anything.

Can you see beyond the activity?

Can you see how something can, will, should or might be used in another context?

If not the simple problem is the idea has not been frozen long enough, the time necessary for others to get engaged and be brought up to speed.

Which brings us back to education once again.

Are we getting educated just for a grade or for the knowledge we might be able to gain and apply in other directions?

I suspect most students are in it for the grade, too bad.


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