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In search of the next best thing!

Posted on | March 10, 2010 | No Comments

I wonder if at times the institutions of education are doing us a dis-service?

Think about it for a minute, we want people to take risks, create the next best thing, work as teams and WOW the population.

And we learn this where? School.

Sure we have IB schools that claim to do this BUT every IB school I have been to talks a good game BUT is not practicing what the preach! Sorry IB people but the sad reality is if you are going to teach IB you have to be IB and all I see is the old system with a new coat of paint.

Other models exist but for the most part they do the same old thing 8-3, lunch, homework… repeat!

Sure our schools have the elements to create the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs BUT the problem is there is a reality detachment and the biggest piece of this is TIME!

Change happens in real time not in the slow motion that education acculturates us to!

You have 20 weeks to make magic in a school! The real world is have it on my desk in 3 days!

School does not teach us how to manage a team, my own school for example, is eliminating conflict resolution from the curriculum as we move forward, but is the management of people not fundamental to the new social economy?

We are living a social experiment BUT do we really know how to socialize?

So, here we are in search of the next best thing and the cards are stacked against us as we wrestle with imperfect inputs to the system!

Is it any wonder that the most innovative ideas emerge from those people or groups who work outside the system?

Maybe that is what we need from our education, a model that is decidedly outside the norm. We need to seed the next best thing and so far all I see is the field being plowed over, again and again!

Just a little morning rant!


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