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How to start!

Posted on | February 16, 2010 | No Comments

We are bombarded with suggestions about what is the matter with the world and what we might want to do about it.

We are buried in possibility really!

After watching TED 2010, no I was not there but really did wanted to be, I realized that part of our personal problem with activating ideas t is the start button!

There is no start button for many people they do not see the first box on the grid!

Or we are too scared to start the process of change!

What is going to get in the way of Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish, the average person in their home starting to do food differently.

Talk is cheap and so is TV but the start is expensive, it involves faith and buy in.

As Oliver said his idea is not hard, it is obvious and it is needed. WE NEED TO START.

As with all great things we need a push and maybe the school education scheme is the push. Oliver’s wish might be the start button on a personal manageable scale

Or maybe it is less to do with the start and fear of not being able to turn off the process, as is the case with most great ideas.

There is always the fear of the unknown.

So how do we start?

1. think small, like breakfast small.

2.think about a finish point you can see, making the food and eating it for one meal.

3. think of the engagement, not just doing but living with the food and the process.

4. be selfish and think about you, why you are doing this not the whole world.

This idea of making actions, tasks, idea-activation tiny is they key to success in any endeavour! If we can not see why and how and take ownership for ourselves then it is a nameless, faceless activity which is easy to ignore!


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