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I was not at TED this year, lived TED via the video feed.

Posted on | February 14, 2010 | No Comments

I love the description of www.ted.com as something like the Sundance Festival for geeks and ideas!

This year I was not in the audience at TED, and how I missed the buzz!

As much as I could I watched the live feed of the show and tweeted my observations, #jamesed_me.

Even though I lived only a piece of TED this year, having been there I could sense the excitement and feel the pull of the ideas that seem to envelop as well as inform.

Jamie Oliver and his acceptance of the TED Prize 2010 was a wonderful moment that sent my mind spinning with the simple question, what can I do here in the UAE?

The power of TED is that I am still asking this question and presenting options/ideas to people, the short answer is something, anything to start the process of change.

There is nothing more simple than eating healthy!

I love the idea of learning/teaching school kids about food and making it fun.

So how?

Hmmm… what is I help set up a cooking education troop? Part acting, part clowning,part teaching, part activity and part eating? A take on MAD Science making the object here cooking and love of healthy food!

I think I am on to something.


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