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Reading a Jewel

Posted on | January 25, 2010 | No Comments

Reading, hard copy, and for the simple pleasure of ideas on a printed page.

Who would pick up a book about U2 and think they would find a motivational text, an entrepreneurial guide, a students handbook and comic tease all wedged into one package?

U2 By U2

Well this is just that book!

I picked up the book because I really enjoy the music of U2 and to be honest the book was on sale for 5 dirhams (just over 1$ American).

The book is a collection of interviews, so the band is talking about their story in their words.

The art of teamwork might be a good title.

Against all odds might be a good title.

Hold on to your morality might be a good title.

The point is simple, we can find all sorts of inspiration and even lessons from the stories of others.

Whether you like U2 or not this is a great book to help you put your own life, love and obsessions in order.

What is even more amazing is how the story of the book is the story of the music and the story of the band.

The take away? Be you no matter what!



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