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Just got back my time!

Posted on | January 17, 2010 | No Comments

For years my wife has been telling me that we are in the middle of one of the greatest con-jobs ever, time theft!

I am sure you are repeating those words, time theft and wondering what can I be talking about.

Well, if you are anything like me you spend a bit of time on the email. messages come in and people think, dream and hope really, that you will put your life on hold and tend to their needs!

Not so long ago, 15 years maybe, we got the mail a couple of times a day delivered to the office, a few memos and probably a stack of phone messages that we worked our way through and then re-started the next day!

Life was good, life was easy, life was organized and we lived with reasonable time expectations.

So why do we put up with the demands on our time that are unreasonable?

I want to go back to the better days!

Tim Ferriss author of the 4 hour work week he did this long ago, went back to the old way of dealing with demands on his time, he looks at his email once a day!

It is liberating in more ways than one!

This past weekend I did it!

Here is the new auto reply on my email account!

Thank you for contacting me via email.

I only look at my email account weekdays in the morning before 10am.

You can expect a response by tomorrow.

Alternatively weekdays I am in my office and can be reached at 00971 4-402-1455. Leave a message on the machine I do listen and return them.

I am also on twitter JAMESED_ME and Facebook, James Piecowye, these are alternative ways to contact me.

Again thank you for your message.


I cannot tell you the liberation I feel by just telling people that I own my time and I will get to their needs in good time!

And if a person really needs something they can call me, they can come to the office but they cannot just send an email and expect me to jump.

I fell like I have gone back to the future!


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