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apps are the future.

Posted on | January 10, 2010 | No Comments

The 4th screen (your mobile/cellular phone) holds the key to your information world.

And are we teaching app creation, management, imagination in our schools?

I suspect many teachers/professors have only a passing knowledge about apps given that they are not using phones that easily take on board advanced applications.

My advice to students, anyone really, don’t wait for the established education medium to teach you what you need to know just go a get the knowledge!

And bring the new back to the slower education you are engaged in to create a process that is nothing short of a powerhouse! Personal and institutional collaboration trumps either individually any time

I really like MotherApp when it comes to app thinking.Here is what they are all about!

We create mobile apps on all major platforms

Currently, there are six different mobile platforms on the market, none of which are compatible. To reach every mobile user, applications must be developed separately on each platform, which often requires outsourcing work to multiple teams.
MotherApp provides an end-to-end customizable app generation service, which enables you to create mobile apps using one source code for all major platforms. This decreases your development cost and time-to-market and simplifies the app generation process. With MotherApp, developing apps have never been so easy.

How it works

how it works: we turn your idea into mobile app across multiple=

We use our patent-pending technology to automate the mobile app creation process across multiple platforms, saving time and money.

This to me is the essence of a WEB2.0 lifestyle.

Use tools that ENABLE you to create the content and let the techie do what they do best, and that is never content!

I look at MotherApp and wonder how I can use this to get my course content out to my students and a much wider audience! I have a plan in the germination phase. The problem until I found MotherApp was how to get my content onto the 6 platforms for Smart-phones at the same time!

Now there is no problem!

Let the fun begin.


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