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Think Niche

Posted on | January 6, 2010 | 1 Comment

You want to know what our problem is?

We collectively think too much about the big picture and the latest and greatest technology FAILING to realize that we live, work and breath the small picture and that most of us are using old tech (over a year old) to do most everything!

Want to succeed?

1. look around, listen and watch

-try to get a feel for what people are doing and what they are using to do it

2. don’t be afraid of hype-local which also means hyper niche

-so many of us are blinded by the next best thing mentality that we forget that there are some old things that can be tweaked to be even better

3. play

-try stuff with people who are not afraid to experiment and fail at it, I find hanging around with students the best place to do this

This article from the New York Times really has me thinking about the 2 ideas of niche and simple and of course how we can bring, in my case education materials, to those right around where I live.

Are we back in the Commodore 64 era?

What we all see, I bet someone around you is using an old cellphone, is opportunity knocking on our niche and hyper-local application door.

Answer it!


One Response to “Think Niche”

  1. Dustin
    January 22nd, 2010 @ 12:06 am

    Great Advice James. It’s my idealistic nature to sometimes look big picture when there are so many opportunities to explore within a hyper niche. I’ll definitely be sending a trackback in an upcoming post.

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