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What is in an experience?

Posted on | December 28, 2009 | No Comments

We are living in an era where we believe that things such as look, process, action, and activity need to be updated in order to be better.

I wonder if we haven’t gotten it all wrong?

I was at the Dubai Fish Market on the 24th of December and the 1st thought that went through my mind was how do we make this better!


Better in what sense?

My initial thought was more organized, easier to navigate, maybe more pleasant.

The actual question I needed to be asking was how was the experience of the Fish Market and how could that be better?

The reality is the experience was an out of the park home run.

The reality is we live in an era where we think we need to change things, stamp them with our piece of thinking, to feel that we have had an impact.

Maybe we need less change than we think!

What the Fish Market really needs is a couple of guides to bring people through and tell them about what they are seeing and talk about how we got to this moment from the past, a tweak.

The Dubai Fish Market is a living monument to a culture and it is all about experience not change.

I think we spend too little time thinking about experience, the subtle nature of it, and that is where we fail in our endeavours big and small.

We need to be thinking with our senses and not only about process.

We need to be thinking about the complete experience.


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