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The what have you published mentality

Posted on | December 27, 2009 | No Comments

Today I was talking to a group of academics about convergent media.

What I learned, to my surprise, is that even though I practice convergent media, see my nightline site, this does not count because I have not invested the painful time to write about it for some redundant academic journal.

I have even taught and continue to teach my students how to take audio and contextualize it using blogs and print media, the ultimate convergent activity.

I am not even a convergent media novice in the eyes of those who live and breath convergent media, because I do not write about it.

So here is my plan.

I am going to write up my take on convergent media for 2010, just one year because a lot changes, and seed it on this blog, in a knol and even create a bit of a audiolog about it.

I am hoping that these minor activities will at least point in the direction of me having half an idea about convergent media and where it is going because the stuff I am doing is really cool, the livestream alone makes me question the need for conventional TV or media distribution at all.

Clearly doing is no longer acceptable today when it comes to talking about an idea you have to be able to write about the ideas as well to have any credibility.

So, if I write about convergent media but don’t actually do convergent media is that ok?


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