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TEDx Dubai works and other do not get it!

Posted on | December 20, 2009 | No Comments

I was part of an amazing experience in Dubai on the 10th of October, TEDx Dubai.

TEDx Dubai was all about igniting the passion in people to not only talk about issues but to actually get out there and do something about it.

Five people, all with full time jobs that are not related to conference organization, pulled off the impossible as far as I am concerned and I am proud to have been part of it!

TEDx Dubai was not about money, in fact it cost each of the organizers money, out of our pockets to put this conference on.

TEDx Dubai was about giving the community permission to start to DREAM-DO-BE the change in your own corner of the world.

I am happy to say that while many people did not get it, they are asking when all the video will be available, they are asking when the next event will happen, they are asking about a follow up.

TEDx Dubai was and is not about Giorgio and me pushing and pulling people to do things it is about you saying , MY TURN!

While many people are still stuck in the old economy thinking of what is physically in it for me there are many who have embraced the TED and TEDxDubai idea.

This email arrived a few days ago.

hello james

a fellow Dubai TEDxer has made some drastic changes to her life because of TEDx and i though i tell you about it her names is Gaby Feile she is German you might know her from the great blog she wrote about TEDx right after the conference, she just quit her job in theĀ  Monarch hotel Dubai because for her she just couldn’t relate to it after TEDx and he farewell party was yesterday she had a garage sale for her furniture and gave all the money for Masarat and her 8 days academy and she is leaving soon to spain to work with an NGO that help children by the way she is not the only person who i heard about who did some thing similar of thinking of it

im thinking of starting TED night at the shelter either to show TED videos each night a certain theme of life stream other TEDx conferences my question is how can i know about upcoming TEDx conferences i tried searching online i couldn’t find much about them?

So, what is the take home here?

Go out and do that one thing this week that is going to change the way someone thinks about anything, just make it something you care about!


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