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Know the Audience

Posted on | July 3, 2014 | No Comments

It is always interesting to get out of the picture, so to speak, when looking at the demographics of media usage.

I wonder if we don’t get too close to the numbers some times, living int he demographics we are studying, to really get a feel for what is going on?

Even more interesting is our ability to see trends developing.

Sitting in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and looking at the number of printed items being distributed is interesting given what we are hearing about technology and information sharing.


Sure the digital natives are out there and yes I saw them as I was eating dinner recording everything and checking their email.

But I am also seeing people grab for a piece of paper and hold it and share it.

Of particular interest was a think called the “Weekly Bean”.

The Bean is 2 A3 sheets printed on a photocopier in black and white, full of small ads and some funny jokes. And people are reading it, and sharing it!

So while we cannot say technology is not fueling the next wave of media consumption it is not all about the media.

We need to be thinking no only how we are getting information out there but what information are we distributing?

The Bean is basic, fun, informative and it does a very focused thing delivering some ads to an audience having a donut or coffee.

Fun, informative and focused sounds very much like what app creators try to do.

Sometimes I wonder if we are forgetting what media is all about, engagement, and try to do too much confusing the end product.


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