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Canada the Land of the Polite.

Posted on | July 3, 2014 | No Comments

So, people always ask me what do I miss the most about Canada?

Having been in Quebec and now Saskatchewan for a couple of days I can tell you one thing I miss, how polite people are.

Sure you are saying give me an example.

Well here is one from an airport.

There I was at Tim Horton’s at Pearson International Airport, in line and mouth salivating for a donut.

Then it happens, the family is not in agreement about what to eat, Tim Horton’s or a Java U!

Well, 3/4 of the family is headed for a breakfast wrap and the poor donuts are destined to end up in the day old sale rack.

So, there I am out of line wondering about donuts and the unspeakable happens, I have to join the end of the line.

Well, that is when I realised how polite we Canadians are.

As my son went to the back of the line the lady I was in front of got my attention and said that my son should me in front of her since that was where I was!


Nice but my son did go to the back of the line although none of the others in the line batted an eyelid with the suggestion he resume at the spot I left.

Canada is the land of the polite.


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