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This is a MUST READ.

I have many internship students telling me that they are doing things on their internship placements that are outside what they perceive as their field of study.

This is a failing of modern education, we educators build big walls around our disciplines and do little to show how PR, Art, IT, Biology, Economics, Education and so on all come together.

I love this story about the person who designed some of the computer icons we see on a daily basis!

Susan Kare “was the type of kid who always loved art.” As a child, she lost herself in drawings, paintings, and crafts; as a young woman, she dove into art history and dreamed of being a world-renowned fine artist.

But when a chance encounter in 1982 reconnected her with an old friend and Apple employee, Kare found herself working in a different medium, with a much smaller canvas — about 1,024 pixels. Equipped with few computer skills and lacking any prior experience with digital design, Kare proceeded to revolutionize pixel art.

No skill in digital design and she did what?

But Kare, who has subsequently done design work for Microsoft, Facebook, and Paypal, has also become her own icon, immortalized in the annals of pixel art.

Read the article it is enlightening, so why do it?

And when it comes to receiving credit for her iconic work, she doesn’t seem to mind that nobody stops her in the street for an autograph. “Generally,” she says, “it’s really rewarding just to know that your work is out there being used.”




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