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Rock On.

Posted on | March 21, 2014 | No Comments

I like to tell my students that there is a lot of potential content to write about, film and record right in front of them.

Sometimes the people we meet open up a door of interest.

Here is a great example from Nightline my radio show.

This is the best show I do, the JukeBox, a show that shines a light on independent recording artists in the Middle East.

Tell me what you think, share and pass it on!

Here are the names of the bands, their twitter and facebook names.

Lazy Lung

-Dirty Word


Go Save The Hostages

-I have Wondered


Fables of Cantt



Julianna Down

-Love Tomorrow







T: @LazzyLung

F: /LazzyLung


T: @NaserMestarihi

F: /NaserMestarihi


T: @julianadown?

F: /julianadown


T: @FablesofCantt?

F: /fablesofcantt?


F: /GoSaveTheHostages

@savethehostages on Twitter.


T: @Hirabeat

F: /Hirabeat? ?



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