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The Learning Shelter

Posted on | March 16, 2014 | No Comments

I stumbled upon this idea to create a difference in a community by giving people a skill to get them off the street.

Marc Roth is the real deal!

Marc Roth moved to San Francisco to make a better life for his family, but he soon became ill and unable to work. After six months living in a homeless shelter, he used assistance money to take classes at TechShop, a makerspace that provides tools and training for members. Marc learned new skills that led to starting his own laser cutting business, and, more importantly, he found support in an active and engaged community.

Now I am not suggesting that we can all go out and do this, but what can we do?

We have labour camps in the UAE that are crying for training to give people new skills, what could we do?

The larger question might be what do we want to do.

I think, I know, that a big key to action and change is staring us right in the face with Marc.

You have to have a need, a reason, an experience that is driving you.

We all have these experiences often they are just so small we overlook them and we overlook the change we can initiate in the process.

Can you be a Marc?


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