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Ideal Job, How?

Posted on | January 12, 2014 | No Comments

What do you need to study to get your ideal job and how much time do I need to invest must be the series of questions I get all the time as my students head off to their internships.

Do what you love and love what you do is what I always say, of course that seems to be a little simplistic to many.

I then ask if my students have spoken to others about how they got into their particular vocation?

I find the more you speak to people about “how they got there” the more you realize there is no easy road.

You have to read this coffee guy’s story it is fantastic.


The CoolHunting post I read this in had a great take-away for me and that is all about why we do things and how we see the things we do.

So the mission of Daylight Mind is not only to feed people good coffee but to teach people about good coffee.

Right, so it’s about having coffee as an experience. You could walk in, just drink coffee and enjoy it; most people do that in the world. But some people want something more out of it, and we think that there’s something more to get out of coffee.

This really got me thinking about the experience I try to create in the classroom or the experience on the radio.

How much thought do we REALLY give to the experience we are creating and do we spend enough time designing it?

No and that is too bad, I think we leave the experience to chance.



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