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2014 time to reithink?

Posted on | December 28, 2013 | No Comments

Self Assessment, off?

Ok, as the New Year comes around it seems I am spending a bit more time looking at and assessing what I have done, thought about, and achieved.

The reality is pretty sad actually.

The reality is I have done a bunch of things from in class projects at Zayed University, teaching my students to be converted journalists to collaborating with Paul Kelly at Triplew.me to craft an indie music radio show.

And there is more.

I was looking at my use of social media and it is strong.

My creation of professional radio at Dubaieye1038.com is strong.

My work with media literacy is on the up swing.

I am an academic with entrepreneurial inclinations and some creative insight.

But am I the only person who sees me like this?

I don’t seem to blow my own horn enough because when it comes to being the goto person for the academic/creative/entrepreneurial inspiration there is nobody looking in my direction!

Ok Paul and Bebhinn at Digital Ape Media are the exception.

The lesson is simple from all I have just said, if you want to be noticed you have to be proactive and not expect anyone to see you unless you are a purple cow constantly.

Time to self promote a lot more consistently and aggressively, bring on 2014


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