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Public? Private?

Posted on | December 27, 2013 | No Comments

Where is the line between our public and our private lives?

I work with a tech genius who refuses to be photographed.

I work with a media leader who refuses to have any direct content posted online.

Where do we draw the public and private lines?

Personally I am online and exploring the variety of tools I can use to get my story out there.

Have you read the Walrus lately?

The Walrus might be one of my top 5 Canadian publications.

And this particular conversation really got me thinking.

In fact the rDigitallife project is a whole lot of food for thought.

So how are you navigating the public and private divide and is it possible we are taking too much for granted and doing too little too late to actually make a difference when it comes to our private lives?

Again no answers, more questions, but I am curious what you think.

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