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Ready or Not?

Posted on | November 21, 2013 | No Comments

Well I teach media and do a pretty good radio show on DubaiEye if I do say so myself.

I also teach public speaking and some media writing at Zayed University.

We teachers need to be careful that we don’t project the image of being experts at all things.

One thing I am not is a TV presenter.

Lights, cameras, scripts, visual, for so many reasons I love the intimacy and informal nature of radio.

Maybe what I also love about radio is the theatre of the mind that it prompts by making people have to imagine what is going on in the studio.

A group of video production students put on a slick broadcast this week and asked for my help.

Of course I said yes, should have asked more questions, make a mental note.

Turns out I had to be the on air presenter, not my thing.

No matter how much I said this is not what I do and I have no experience the students smiled in disbelief and said I would do fine.

What did I do? Exactly as I teach in public speaking.

  • -think
  • -smile
  • -talk slow
  • -short sentences
  • -a bit of drama
  • -smile more
  • -let the audience do the work

I survived and yes the work was good, so the students said.

And what did I learn?

Stick to radio and be prepared always to put into action exactly what you teach.



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